Review 239

Though hardly a massive site, there are some good points to Richard Felix Jr’s blog. For a start, there are some reasonably interesting transition effects, for example where one page dissolves subtly into the next. However, how long before this wears thin is not something I’ll ever find out for myself.

The posts are okay, if a little unremarkable, and it is a little annoying to find that none of the offsite links mentioned are actually clickable.

On the whole, the site feels a little too much like it was stitched together in a rush. The blogs lack formatting or direction, and the navigation system quickly disappears as you enter the archive.

I think that if the author had more time to devote to the site, it would probably be a little better. If the posts concentrated more on college life and were ordered better, it might prove a more interesting read (the author’s experiences of college life easily being the most interesting), but as it stands, there isn’t any great reason to visit.had a life, got a modem…