Review 333

As the title suggests, this is a weblog that is actually funny for once. A very entertaining read, I was immediately struck by the first post on the page, about a scene in an episode of Magnum PI (a show i’ve never seen):

“There was a big musical montage for that scene, and I always thought the music they used kicked ass. So today I’m talking to this dude who lives in my building about it and he says, ‘Yeah, that’s ‘The Brazilian’ by Genesis.’ Then later on, he lent me the cd… and I’ll be damned if that ain’t the song. This might seem like small potatoes to you chickenfuckers, but this song has been haunting me for years. It’s like, I can finally rest in peace.”

The page looks something like a Blogger template, but with a few added visuals.

The design is not very eye-catching, but it can be pulled off because the content stands alone. He continues to talk about his experiences with bums, which could be exaggerated, but who cares, it’s still interesting to read. Definitley a divergence from all of the “my life sucks, feel sorry for me” weblogs around today. I’d definitley recommend this site.My So-called penis