Review 227

Nice design aesthetic, interesting blog, and a ton of information you wouldn’t usually find on a personal homepage. These are all reasons why Fimoculous is worth visiting.

The blog covers a wide selection of topics, from movies the writer has seen, to websites that attracted his attention, and there is always a good amount of opinion with each one (ie if we only wanted the facts, we’d go to a news service instead).

So, the extras then. Aside from the blog (the main focus of the site), the useful information the author throws your way include the font used, the back-end technology, links to html and css validators, and links of interest (basically his own bookmarks as well as links to music he’s listening to). It is sometimes very interesting to know these things, and so their inclusion adds to the site’s appeal.

On balance, this is a good website. It survives very well with just a blog and an archive, and through some efficient coding, the site downloads very quickly. Certainly worth visiting.