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How does one go about reviewing a site they have read for almost two years? Its like trying to review a movie that you acted in, or a book that you wrote. It just doesn't seem to flow no matter how hard you try.

I have seen Wendy go through countless designs, some more imaginative than others. I have seen her struggle with issues at work and in her life. I have seen her go from living in one state to living in another. To say I have seen it all would really not be true, but I have seen a lot.

So rather than do a standard review and go through specific things about her site, I will go through why after all of these years I have continued to read her site. What is it that she has, that has been able to keep my attention?

For starters, Wendy is original. She has her own style and her own presence. Now I have never met her, but I know that her web persona must carry over into the outside world. Or is it that her persona from the outside world carries over to the web? Either way, it is all good.

So how is she original? Yes she faces similar problems that most people face in their everyday life. Things like attending work, dealing with co workers, dealing with crushes, and those sorts of things. But rather than go into boring details about it, she puts spins on the stories. She gives people nicknames to fit who they are. These include The Gambler, The Crush, and Mr. Moneybags.

Wendy is also able to convey a story very well. She writes with the idea of wanting to picture the moment. What? Huh? Ever read a good book, that didn't have every single detail, but had just enough of the facts to get the picture across? That is how Wendy writes.

One of the best things Wendy has to offer is her other projects, be it a full project or a mini one. Her main mini project is photography as she is obsessed with her digital camera. While the pictures won't win an award, they are a good addition to the blog.

Her other main project is Hottie of the Month. She got bored of people talking about hot people, so she created her own version. Anyone and everyone can be a hottie, just ask.

Over all Wendy's site has been one I have stuck to because she is so easy going. The site is enjoyable to read and has plenty of reasons to keep coming back. If you don't believe me, look at her participation last year in the blogathon when she posted 48 different toilet pictures.

This site was reviewed on 2003-04-10 by Brent.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
Brent felt that deserved a rating of 5.

A personal blog is all about personality. Check out and you'll know what I mean.

The site is a fresh green, and a cute guy in a lying position smiles at you rather coyly when the page loads, which kind of prepares you for site owner Wendy - fresh, optimistic, and always on the lookout for all guys cute. Proof: She runs a site called Hottie Of The Month. Go on, click on it and check out the March Hottie. You know you want to.

What I find most endearing and exciting about (and what I assume most people like about Wendy) are the sarcasm and at times in-your-face attitude prevalent throughout. Even when she complains or blogs about not-quite-good news, she manages to come off as sassy and spirited. You grin when you read about her feeling great. You grin when you read about her being nasty. Sometimes, you don't know whether to grin or not, but by the time you make up your mind, you find that it's too late - this huge grin is already all over your face. Of course, this doesn't mean that is all silly entries; there is food for thought, packaged up nicely. None of that preachy, the-world-should-listen-to-me nonsense. Sometimes there are some nice surprises too, like the entries about Wendy during her birthday, posted by her friends.

If you still don't get the idea, then let me put it in one sentence: is interesting. Wendy is at times bubbly, at times wicked, and always interesting. Usually, when I come across a good blog, I urge others to go "check it out". For, I can't do that. I have to say - "go check her out".

This site was reviewed on 2003-04-10 by yz.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
yz felt that deserved a rating of 5.

I don't know who the guy casually lying on the chair is, but I find him very attractive! My first view of! The domain name itself sounded familiar, but I realised that my expectations were quashed when I started to read (which is a good thing!) Although the text was fairly small, it was an easy read.. something that I personally tend to look for in a blog. Its easy to comprehend the simplistic nature of this young woman from Minneapolis from reading the first few lines.

It had only been two minutes, and I'd already gathered a lot about her including work, music tastes & that glue sticks are better than conversation hearts. I don't even know what the former is! Subsequently entertained by the list of unusual referrers which I can easily identify with.. (believe me, Wendy!)The rest of the main page was fairly consistent in writing style and contained a varying amount of daily life topics most of which are kept concise & in small paragraphs. Highly appreciated!

The layout of is common to most weblogs. A large space on the left for the blog material and a sidebar containing links within and external to the site. Easy to navigate so effective in that sense, however I like a bit of originality.. something that will prevent me from having to scroll down and up for (what it seems) miles in order to breeze through the sidebar. Luckily I can't really complain with Wendy's site as the main links were at the top, few as they are, they proved a bit of nice reading.

I became slightly confused as to why she has a password protected section & giving out the password to those who email her or who know the name of her pet cat? Its likely that those who would be interested in that section will be closest to her & perhaps even be implicated in her blog (hence the retributions??), otherwise I don't think your average reader would bother too much. I identify with her need for privacy however seems that releasing the password so freely (as it seems) isn't really the way.

Having read some of the '100 things' and a few Deuce Bigalow quotes, I found it difficult to get back to the index page without using the back button on my browser. Perhaps a homing link somewhere would help, unless I'd missed it? I also read some archives which were equally entertaining.

Her entry subjects are derivative of the events surrounding her existence, and example being her grandmother's fight against Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma & questions a variety of theories about God & whether actual prayer will be listened to and dealt with. Her love affair with Best Buy (workplace amongst other things) is obvious, & spreads throughout the entries; but its work & we all identify when things just don't go our way. In contrast, a few posted conversations make a change from direct paragraphs.. almost like reading a play! Namely the brief meeting with the attractive cop, (second one she'd been pulled over by that same day). That particular entry concluded with some tasty sarcasm. Thats what I like in a girl! One of the funniest entries I stumbled across was a series of responses to a spamming representative owned by a web hosting company. Its unusual for one to reply to spam, thus any further response deems hilarious, as indicated in the entry.

Wendy is also the brainchild of Hottie of the Month, a website dedicated to nominated non-celebs as well as keeping to her eventful journal. She could exploit her creation a lil bit more by putting a link on the sidebar. In all, is worth more than it implies, but I sense I need for some more interactive material & more of an incentive to return. However for a passer-by, it'd keep you hooked for a bit.

This site was reviewed on 2003-04-10 by Stormchild.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
Stormchild felt that deserved a rating of 3.5.

The design is simple, yet effective (it doesn't, however, carry particularly well across the rest of the site, which is quite expansive). The design works best when it is offset by the black and white photos down the side; these aren't present on the blog so it makes the end result a little too drab.

However, the good blog content makes up for this. It is easy to read and entertaining. Unfortunately the site as a whole suffers from certain idiosyncracies.

First of all, the Author section has bold text in orange - the same colour as the links themselves, only this time they aren't links. The navigation is at times awkward, with the scrollbars on the drop down list occasionally disappearing, and one or two dead links.

Other than that, if the main reason for visiting the site was to read the blog, you won't be disappointed.

This site was reviewed on 2001-08-02 by chrisw.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
chrisw felt that deserved a rating of 3.

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