Review 209

Dramatica does not get off to a good start when the blog first loads into the browser. Immediately several key design choices cripple the overall effect of the page.

First of all, there is zero spacing between lines. As a result, all the words look like they run into each other, making the blog almost unreadable.

Secondly, the text height is too small, and can’t be changed. This only makes a bad situation worse, and the blog that bit harder to work through.

And finally, perhaps the biggest mistake of all: the links all appear in one of the darkest shades of blue. On a black background. It’s absolutely impossible to know where a link goes unless you check the browser’s status bar.

The blog itself, or at least what I could read of it, is another example of a fifteen year old’s world. People a bit older will know what it’s like to be fifteen, and this blog will only help remind them. As Elliot Smith once sang, the author’s “just some dude with a tilted attitude that [they] learnt from TV.”

If you can stomach the attitude, and you have sharp enough vision, there might be something here for you, but otherwise, move on.[ dramatica ]