Review 201

There are a few bad points here that I picked up on straight away. The navigation doesn’t hold through the site, and is a little fiddly anyway, because you have to wait for a mouse-over event to see where each link goes. This can be annoying when you want to scan the front page for links elsewhere on the site.

The design is hardly revolutionary, and a little bland. It’s spruced up by some interesting photographs, but otherwise it is not very well co-ordinated.

Don’t let the lacklustre design and navigation fool you though; there is some very good and very interesting content here just waiting to be read.

The links to offsite locations are on the whole commendable (there were enough sites listed that I found enjoyable to distract me briefly from writing this review), and the other off-topic sections are worth a browse.

The main beauty of this site comes in the power of expression, and the posts here can at times be captivating.

So all in all, content very good, design maybe not so