Review 1605

Sometimes when I come across a news/links site, I have a hard time understanding the idea behind where they come from or what the purpose of the site is. Most of the time there isn’t an about section, nor a post about the weblog, however, this site has that post. And after reading this one post, I was able to understand what exactly was going on. So in order for you to understand the site, here is a section of that post.

Hence this weblog. Every day I’ll be adding comments on passing events, links worth pursuing, grand speculations–whatever seems interesting. The exposure should at least keep me on my toes, and if anyone finds something of interest that will be all to the good.

With that said, lets get into this weblog. Ok, first thing, the title says View from the Right. So you already know the perspective of this political (or lack there of) weblog. So I won’t go into that sort of thing.

What the site does bring is a refreshing view from your “standard” news sites. The authors (there are two of them) show you what it is like looking at a recent news item through a different lens. Even if it isn’t a different perspective from yours, it is still a different prescription (keeping with the lens analogy).

The posts on this site are very recent. Everything that is “making the headlines” right now they have a comment on it. It was interesting to go through the archives because there was some news items that I forgot about, but was reminded of very quickly. This was a good thing since a typical news/links weblog’s archives are out-dated.

The design of the site is your standard Moveable Type template. It is clean, and works for this site, but I can’t help but think if the site would benefit from an original design or not.

Over all, this site provided me with more insight to current events which I am always looking for more sources. This is a good read, and even if you are on the “Left” so to speak, you should find what is said to be interesting.
View from the Right

Review 1616

The first thing to note about this weblog is that is seems to be regularly updated – and that’s important. There’s nothing worse than looking at a site, finding a couple of interesting items on it and them discovering that it hasn’t changed for weeks.

The comments and on the site seem to be personal views and insights by the author about current news articles. This is all fairly standard stuff for a weblog but there seems to be a certain amount of angst in these writings. Some details serious deep issues whereas others cover a variety of simple harmless topics which just happen to be bugging the author.

Amongst the rest of the site there are film reviews (well one at least), a series of collected links, a guestbook and details of the webmaster. This section is probably the key to understanding this site.

Imagine a site reviewing current new articles with the following as the webmasters own intro,

Your name is: Crash

Is that your real name: What do you think?

I wanna know your real name: And I want a Dodge Viper, but we can’t always get what we want.

For some reason when I copied that I thought it said fuck somewhere in there – it doesn’t but I got the impression from the rest of the site that it should.

Also included here are reviews of episodes of Enterprise, a section called The Moron Files which I really want to know more about, about 40 pictures (not porn) each of Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Cameron Diaz, a picture of the authors current desktop (sigh, another XP user) and a nice little legal disclaimer telling people to go away if they don’t like what they read.

The Moron files intrigues me the most as it seems to detail who has cut the author up the most on the local roads in Albuquerque, New Mexico and if the majority are Male of Female. For those of you interested the current score is Men 0 Women 4.

Overall a nice varied site which I’ll probably be coming back to.cyberwreck

Review 1053

At first glance I didn’t like it and even when I began reading it, I still didn’t like it.

Visually this site annoyed me. The links and description of the site are at the very top and centered. Even with the description, it didn’t do anything to help me understand what the purpose of the blog was.

I began to read the posts and again, parts of it are centered. This is a group blog and usually when I read group blogs, there is some kind of relationship between the posts such as a topic … however this didn’t have anything that held one post to the next one. There didn’t even seem to be a conversation going at all. The posts were fairly short and brief too. All I could really grasp is this is a site where a few high school kids go to talk about nothing and post random thoughts like if they’re reading a book or something.

Over all, I straight-out didn’t like this site. The Daily Rationalist

Review 1028

“watch what happens” is a site about Amy and her life as a lead singer for a capella band called “All About Buford”. The title of the blog was one of the possible names for her band when they were searching for a name, but instead it became her blog’s title.

Amy seems like a down-to-earth kind of person hailing from Massachusetts where she’s lived since graduating from college. She’s been with her band for 2 years and in addition to playing with her band is a graphic designer.

Through her site, you’ll read about her tales about being a musician and playing gigs, even when you end up playing in front of a difficult crowd who for some reason isn’t very responsive. She also talks about what’s on her mind like many blogger’s do and things that she finds amusing or provokes her to express more serious thoughts.

Her layout’s pretty simple and nice with nice colors. It contains a little bio on her, people who she knows from her family to friends to musicians and an index for all her posts containing titles. She doesn’t post everyday, though her posts are quite lengthy.

I was able to stay interested in Amy’s site and it’s overall a pretty good site. watch what happens

Review 1045

Well, what can one say about this site really? I snatched up the review because I though the name was kinda cute. And well, it reminded me of my ex-fiance (Nick, who’s favourite insult was “bastard”). On to the real review…

This site didn’t blow me away design wise, there just isn’t one. I’m pretty sure that he’s using a BlogSpot template, with a very basic colour scheem. You could try and say it’s and attempt at making the site look very sleek and simple, as to not take away from the totally rockin’ content, but that’s all thrown out the window by the banner at the top and the fact that there is no witty, intellectual content.

Nick’s site is you’re typical diary blog. I’m sure it’s interesting to a select group of friends who know him in real life, but to the rest of us it’s just an acount of some random person’s day to day life. And quite frankly, I really don’t care what some random person got on their SAT’s.

So unless that’s your thing, just don’t bother going.
nick, the irrepressible bastard