Review 762

The first thing that I thought of when entering this site was that it was going to be completely original. I saw this picture of a purple moose and thought the author was actually going to be posting through the moose.

However, that is not the case. Instead it is about the auther herself. She just happens to like the moose. Her writing is very good, though can be ran through the generic blog entry generator at some times. What I mean by that, is the weblog is like most weblogs that everyone reads. It is just a daily life type routine.

The design of the site I thought looked good, but had poor navigation. I was easily confused where to go for each of the blog entries. The first way that I actually was able to get to an entry was through the archives. There was a clear link to them, but not a clear link to the blog. The other problem with the design of this blog is it doesn’t read like your typical blog. Instead of going through and reading lets say the last 5 posts, this is an idividual post only, that you get from the links on the right. I would have liked this blog a little more, if I didn’t feel like I needed to work to get to the entries.

Overall I think this is your average weblog. It does have its own uniqueness in the purple moose, but that is about all I could get from it. A little bit of design towards navigation would also help this site out and make it more enjoyable.the PurpleMooseGazette