Review 278

Besides the screaming lack of an “about”

page, and the obscenely narrow column

where she crams the long-winded entries,

the negative points are very few.

Now, when I say long-winded, I don’t mean

boring–quite the contrary–the subject

matter is interesting, coherent, and well

thought-out. Did I mention humorous? She’s

funny, too.

Few nifty links, but a lot of good writing.

Well worth checking out, and possibly

worthy of routine, daily reading.Daily Cup of Tea

Review 244

“The Simple Weblog” isn’t a simple as the title might like it to be. It uses (and abuses) CSS quite a bit, and includes a rather large (200K) animated gif on the front page. I would have liked to have read some more of the site, but the navigation didn’t work on my PC, and downright crashed my Mac.

The content that I was able to read was good, though, with some very interesting links, and good descriptions of where the link went, encouraging me to follow them. A bit of humor, and some fine link digging are positive points here.

Once the bugs are worked out, that huge graphic fades to the archives, and the navigation becomes functional (so the archives are available), the blog shows some promise.The Simple Weblog

Review 269

Undone is a very well put togther site. I was immediately intrigued by the navigational images presented on the front page, even though they seemed to load rather slowly.

Because of the nice images used, I went first to the “photographs” section. The photographs were good. Again, not ruling out my connection, the images loaded slowly, but most were worth the wait. Many evoked thoughts, and led me to think about the circumstances surrounding them: a succesful artistic goal in anyone’s book.

Delving into the “daily” section, I found the weblog. An interesting, often humorous, never very dull weblog. I was taken by the author’s descriptions of her daily events, and enjoyed the way in which she presented her emotions, thoughts, and ideas.

There was an interesting “Movies” section, where the author reviewed movies she had recently seen. A unique offering on a personal site.

I also liked how the author seemed to be somewhat of a tech-geek, listing the equipment used to take pictures, the software used to make the website, and perhaps most of all, her discussions about Star Wars.

As one of her own posts pointed out, some of the content was difficult to read due to the color contrast on some pages. The nonworking postcard page and the sparse “writings” page exposed the newness of the site, but I’m sure those areas will catch up with the rest, given time. The layout was well planned, and the overall graphics were well made. And it all looked pretty good on my Mac 😉

undone is definitely worth a look or two or three.undone

Review 50

At first I was confused when I got to this site. I saw “Journal for July 6th:…” Now I thought that the page I went to was the journal and it was, sort of. See what he is trying to do here, and well I might add, is run two separate journals. The first one that you see is more of a tech type journal. Just ramblings from a computer guru. But if you look, you see a calendar with journal entry days. Very nice. Each day that has a journal entry, the day is lit up like a nice little link. In there, you find out all kinds of stuff. Also I suggest reading the bio page as he more than gives us “More than you probably need to know” there.

Review 49

I really enjoyed reading this site. Nothing out of the ordinary though. Same stuff I have come to expect out of a weblog, but there was something to this site that makes it just that much more unique. I really don’t know what it was about it, but it is there. Read it and you will find out. I don’t know if it was the writing style of the author or if it was the design of the site, or what, but something, kept me interested.

I particularly like the little side notes about herself. The one about her being a graphic designer, and the site not looking as exciting as one would thing it would coming from a graphic designer. But I personally think that the site looks good, and that just because one is a graphic designer, doesn’t mean they have to “show off” their talent on their own site. That is why they have a portfolio.