Review 36

Now here is a site from a guy who just writes to get things out that he has been thinking about for a while. All of his posts are very insiteful to who he is. The more I read, the more I wanted to read.

The design of the site is nothing to call home to mom about, but it works real well for the site. Nothing flashy, no web tricks, just good ole basic html stuff.

As I said, the posts got more and more entertaining. In reading the first page of posts, I had to have laughed at least 3 times. Hopefully his intent was to make me laugh. A very good read that I suggest you pick up on.mecawilson

Review 34

KnitLog is in its infant stages of a weblog. Its only really been around for about two weeks as of this review on the site. The author makes some interesting points on things that are out there on the internet. He seems to be trying to link to as many different sites out there as possible that all relate to the keyword that is linked. I see definite potential in this site being one of those must do daily reads, but who knows. It needs some time to grow.KnitLog

Review 33

This is an author that knows how to write. Well she should considering she got an M.A. in English, but besides that. What she says all has meaning. Most of the personal type weblogs out there really don’t have meaning behind them. Just someone posting about their life and what they did. Almost like a recap of their daily events.

But Punka’s posts have meaning behind them. They make you think about your life and yourself. Though they don’t necessarily relate to you in any way what-so-ever, you almost wish they did. They make you really think about what you are doing. All I could say when I got done reading every post was “Wow” and that is how I will end this. Wow

Punka Punka

Review 21

Ok, I get to the site and start reading it and it is your normal everyday good reads. Just basic this is what I did, I am letting the world know all about it today. However, I couldn’t find any other posts than July 4th! I really wanted to read more of this site, but I couldn’t! Once the little archieve feature has been added or fixed, I will redo this review and ranking. But untill then, this is all it gets.M Kelley

Review 20

This site is pretty interesting for a computer site. The author is currently logging his days at the PSC and what is going on there. He has quiet a bit of personal stuff in there too. Its not all about his job and what not. Only thing that is a little disappointing is that for a computer guy he doesn’t show off his knowledge of programming languages and uses only a template by blogger. (note he admits that he needs a change) Overall a pretty good read and is update daily.