Review 48

Very detailed life journal. Everyday there is an update on the things that went on during the day. Some links to some random stuff, but for the most part, centers around his day. I started to get caught up in the daily life of Poagao the more I read. I really enjoyed the writings.

As I dove deeper into the site, I found pictures that he has taken over the years. Also a very nice bio section that basically sums up where he came from.

The design on this page is very clean and elegant. Nothing flashy about this site, it has one purpose, let you read. I really enjoyed it, and I hope that many of you do too.Poagao’s Journal

Review 47

First off, I didn’t know what to expect with a name of Poofle. But what I guessed from the name is that it would be funny stuff. That it is. The sarcastic tone that the author is using is very noticeable. If read seriously, one would need to seek therapy. But really, this site has to be one of the funniest sites I have ever read. Keep in mind I have only done like 40 reviews so far, but it will take a lot to get this one out of the top spot for humor. I forwarded exerts from the page to some of my email buddies. Go read this site.Poofile

Review 46

Ok um, wow. Lots to read. These authors just write and write and write and write. The amount of content on this site is just huge. But the quality isn’t near as large. It is just an average group log in my opinion. They just post whatever they want to post about, but it almost seems as if what they are posting is the same as it would be on their own weblog. Other group weblogs interact a lot more with each others posts than this site does. There is a bond between the authors, it just isn’t as visible as most group efforts. Lots and lots of reading though.


Review 44

I really enjoyed this site. This I would say is the collage of different weblogs. She has personal stuff, she has specific stuff, she has random links. She has it all. Maybe that is why I really enjoyed it so much. Even though it is all random (not related) it all seemed like it should belong there. There was even a link to another review someone did of her site. He did not enjoy it near as much as I did. But to each their own.Perceptions

Review 43

Here is a site that is written by a mother. Her posts are sometimes of motherly intent, but she doesn’t seem to be the “mother” that most kids envision. She likes sports, and oz, and other stuff that “moms” just typically don’t like. Maybe they do like it, they just don’t admit to it.

I really enjoyed reading what she had to say. It was almost as if I was reading emails that were sent to me from my mom about semi-random stuff. You could tell that all of her posts came from the heart and were meaningful. I will continue to read this site for quiet some time.

for quiet some time.A Fire Inside