Review 968

Elegant, un-cluttered, easy to read, very blue. These were my first impressions of The design here really is first rate,
and a quick glance at the source code confirms that there is more javascript here than you could shake a stick at. A particularly large stick.
Marc is looking for work, and by God, if there are any potential employers out there, you need to contact this man. Right this instant. Go on!

On to the content then, and I’ll sum it up for you like this: I’ve never met
this man before in my life. But after visiting his site, I like him very much.
Marc’s blog is personal without alienating his audience, peppered
with an excellent standard of links. They made me laugh out loud on
several occasions, and believe me, that’s no easy feat. Marc’s a funny
guy. He’s also infuriatingly cute (but spoken for. Sorry ladies.)

Often with a personal site like this, I find I have no real interest in flicking
through picture galleries. But after reading Marc’s biography, I felt
obligated to view his pictures. I actually wanted to know more about
his life, and there’s no higher praise than that for a personal weblog.

I won’t spoil it for you by revealing any more details. But if you’re looking to
spend some pleasurable time learning about a man you’ve never
met before, I wholeheartedly recommend
And if you’re an employer looking for a talented web developer, your
search ends here. Excellent stuff.MarcBlog

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