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Rain-Angel first came across to me as a simple, well presented, no fuss no weblog, that’s inviting from the word go. The best thing about this site from the beginning was that on the right hand side it gave a brief spiel about who the author and her background. If there’s one thing that really annoys someone when entering a stranger weblog is not knowing anything about the person yet having to identify with what they post, Dara gives the reader good insight to who she is, her life and situation. It was a good start before I even set eyes on the blog.

The blog itself isn’t anything mind blowing, I didn’t really expect it to be, but it was interesting and I did enjoy reading it. Posts range from day to day activities, meeting new peoples, local activities and a lot about Dara herself, which may seem rather dull, but has been well written in forms of easy reading lists as either questions or flashbacks. Of particular interest was a ‘Where was I when?…’ (22 March) where the author gives us an insight to her life during different important developments at the time. Overall I was more than happy to keep reading.

The design made reading the weblog easy, nice font selection, font size and pleasing colour selection all contributed towards this. The blog also utilized the entire browser window and wasn’t hidden away in an annoying tiny text box that seems to be all the rage at the moment. Not burdened by too many graphics either the site loaded up promptly and there wasn’t a dead link in sight adding to the joy of the review.

Even though its far to say that there was no one particular area that stood out as amazing in the weblog, overall it was one of the better ones I have had the pleasure of reviewing. My only criticism is the timing between archiving which appears to be every 2 weeks for the main page making it rather long, though without graphics, download time is still minimum, so I can overlook this rather small annoyance. Other than that I couldn’t see much else wrong with the site. I give Rain-Angel a 4 out of 5 rating, two thumbs up and even a toe!

rain angel

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