Review 960

Let’s get this out of the way first:
Melissa isn’t going to win any design
awards for Duplicity. The front page
is simple enough, but some of the
links (such as her profile) will whisk
you away to completely different
sites, and it can all get a little
confusing. Better be ready with that
back button if you want to see the
whole of duplicity.

But then, this is a diary site, so let’s
take a peek at the main attraction.
And I have to say I was pleasantly
surprised. Melissa writes very well,
intelligently and with a unique sense
of humor. Her entries are almost
always interesting and sometimes a
real pleasure to read, there’s plenty
here to reward persistence.

My main disappointment was not
being able to find a biography here. I
would have liked to learn a little more
about the girl whose life i was
exploring. There are pictures,
however, for the more voyeuristic
amongst you.

Duplicity is a diary first and foremost,
and if that is what you’re looking for,
you will not be disappointed. Just
don’t get lost.


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