Review 891

Ineffectual is a web log that is quite basic and exceptionally effective for what it is. Basically, the webmaster of this site writes about some everyday things as well as lots of stuff he finds all over the internet.

The design of this web log is what caught my attention the most. It’s quite simple yet very nice.

The word ‘ineffectual’ according to means…

1 : not producing the proper or intended effect : FUTILE


I can honestly say that this website did not affect me in any way; the effects were little to none. So, I guess the intended purpose here was indeed achieved.

This is a simple web log, it doesn’t do anything wrong but just the same, it’s not deserving of anything higher than a 4.

Browse this web log as you like but don’t expect it to evoke any emotions or change your life. It’s just not that complicated, it’s simple and for that it gets a respectable 4.ineffectual.

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