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What is a Dog Door of Death? Well, according to the webmaster of the now, a Dog Door is used for two purposes, 1.) for your dog to get in and out and 2.) for your dog to bring in what (s)he has killed outside.

Now, I worry about the webmaster of this site because the entire theme of his website centers around dead rodents and such.

There is plenty of other content here however, just nothing that I found particularly interesting. Updated almost daily, this site’s web log rambles on about random things that really have no depth whats so ever.

The design of this website isn’t one to write home to mom about. It’s simplistic and rather boring to say the least.

I was honestly feeling overly generous when I gave this sad excuse for a web log a 3.5. Sue me, I’m a good guy.

And so if you’d like to waste your time reading about pets who bring in dead rodents and an owner who’s even less interesting, feel free to visit

Oh … I put this site under the ‘entertainment’ category. Although, I cringe to think about the kind of people this site might entertain.Dog Door of Death

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