Review 884

Terminally Bored … dare I say I was bored when I visited this site?

At first, my initial reaction when this site loaded up was that I was going to like it. I’d find some amusing stories and thoughts and so on. But that’s really not what happened.

After reading through many posts, I never really felt like I knew who the author was. The bio didn’t give me too much information and neither did the blog. The author’s a college student from California who writes about, “All the things that irk/satisfy” him as the little subtitle says next to the title of the site. I guess the author is achieving the goal of discussing the things that bother and complete him, however it felt like he would blog when he really was bored.

Some things he wrote about was interesting like when he was writing about some friends he was having trouble with, but mostly I was a little more bored than interested.

I did really like the layout of this site and seemed very inviting. It’s pretty simple, and nice looking with a gray color scheme and the playful Comic Sans font. His archives are on a little calendar which is convenient since he doesn’t always update everyday and makes it easy to see the days he’s posted on.

Overall, this is an okay site.Terminally Bored

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