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This web log shows just how important web logs can be.

Black Paint is the web log of a woman who is dealing with bipolar and possible post traumatic stress disorder. She is incredibly self aware and for that I am extremely hopeful for her.

Although it is apparent that she has a long road ahead of her, the fact that she can define that road as she travels it is so admirable to me. Personally, I found this web log un-ratable. Sort of like putting a price on something that is priceless; you just cannot do it. I gave this web log a 5 for it could not possibly be rated anything less.

Words can do so much, even change someone’s life. I was undeniably affected by this web log and am sure anyone who is dealing with any kind of depression would take comfort in knowing that there is an 18 year old woman, with a husband, who’s dealing with the same, if not more issues than they are.

This woman is truly inspiring in many ways. She’s someone who is independent despite the blockades that have been thrown in front of her. She remains extraordinarily self-aware and for that she gets my everlasting admiration. I hope and pray that she finds happiness despite all the sadness that she has experienced.Paint it Black

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