Review 877

When first visiting this site, I didn’t like the design at all, but then I saw that they had actually moved the site to Upon arriving at the new site, I still didn’t like the design at all, nor did I enjoy the content.

Basically, and in short, this site is made up of too many teens writing about too little. Most of the posts are of them apologizing about not posting and them bickering at each other. Their posts didn’t keep me interested and I was disappointed by the posts that at first seemed almost hopeful. They do have a writing section which was the only thing I didn’t quite get; my question is, “Why would you highlight something that none of you are good at?”

Concluding, I do not like any of these people and I would not suggest anyone go see if my review is accurate. In fact, I don’t even see this as a review at this point, simply as a warning: Don’t click the link, it’s trash.

hmmm, in fact, this site makes me want to inquire about a brand new “trash” category. >=)New Concept

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