Review 876

Harmony Blue, a site that zooms in on the life of a massage therapist named Nicole, is an excellent personal web log. She seems like quite the character; her interests scattered all over the place from massage and Buddhism, to 80’s glam rock and new-wave. I like paradoxical people like Nicole, I think they’re good for the world; capable of being a fan of two extremes.

Her writing reflects her out-of-the-ordinary style. She flows with her words and keeps you interested.

The design is interesting too. At first, I wasn’t sure that I liked the background; it at first struck me as cheesy. But as the character that is Nicole developed in my mind, her design seemed fitting. And as much as that sounds like I’m calling Nicole cheesy, I’m not. She just seems like a person who could pull off any design; people would still read, atleast I know I would.

Concluding, I enjoyed harmony blue, it’s a good site with admirable content. I’ll visit again.harmonyblue

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