Review 873

This is the web log of Monica Kate Nelson, who’s also called Mo-mo, Mon, Nelson, Mónica, Nica-Mo, and Madonnica. For the purposes of this review, we’ll call her Mo-mo because I happen to like it. Mo-mo is un-stereotypical and a undeniably good writer…

Her mood at the time of this review, as stated on her website, is “fidgety.” Ironically, possibly even coincidentally, this is exactly how her writing seems to be, as she jumps around quite a bit. It reminds me of my thought process; 1 thought leading to another and in the end I’m thinking about something totally different from what I began with. I’m sure I’m not alone in the world, especially after reading Mo-mo’s entries.

The design of this blog is pretty ordinary with purple everywhere. I happened to like the design of her old website, (now merely archives) ‘Super Monica’ better. But as far as navigation is concerned, the design works.

I’ve given Mo-mo a 4.5 because she is deserving of everything that is a 4.5. Her writing is clear and you can tell she is an alert person with many visions. I particularly enjoyed her ‘versification’ section as it does show, without a doubt, that she is a good writer.

I would suggest Mo-mo redesign her website or go back to her old design. Regardless, I am impressed by this website’s content and give it 4.5 thumbs up (because I can do that).Un-Stereotype

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