Review 868

Meet The Orange Goddess herself, Anjali (to her teachers); Anj (to her classmates); Anju (to close friends and family). She’s the president of her school’s ‘CWG'(creative writing guild) and quite the writer and adorer of the color orange; she also enjoys Smashing Pumpkins and would most likely be Jack Skellington if she was going to be anyone on ‘Nightmare before Christmas.’ Now that the introduction is out of the way, I’ll get to the juicy stuff…

As you can see, I gave Anju (I’m officially a close friend) a 4.5 because that’s exactly what she deserved. Her writing flows well and is quite thought provoking. I also love the idea of having a Friday Five, where she answers 5, sometimes revealing, questions. Also, the fact that she is 16 makes me hopeful for our generation.

Why not a 5?

Well … her design is too simplistic and way too orange to be considered for a 5. My only suggestion to Anju is to think of a better design, for writing that deserves to be showcased in something expressive and appealing to the eye.

In conclusion…

I am in love with this girls writing and have already added her to my favorites. I suggest everyone do the same as ‘Orange Goddess’ is a keeper for reading goddess

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