Review 866

This weblog was great for my first review because I didn’t have to dig very deep for the true meaning of this site (I dare not call it a web log again). With a generally simple and sometimes shallow outlook on life, these teens are not the ‘Youth of America’ I like to romantically envision when I think of our generation; no no, they’re the kind of teens that Grandmom and Grandpa have assigned as the posterchildren for our generation when they compare the old days to the present.

Regardless of the trash you’ll find here, if you’re in the mood for some teen humor and a whole boat load of ‘jackass’ type entertainment; this is the site for you.

The site centers around a forum that is important, as it seems, to the webmaster. I read a little bit from the forum and couldn’t help but wonder why it was so important; but that’s just me (said with a smile). >=)

The design is quite simple and works fine for navigational purposes. The design doesn’t reflect anything and so it does match the writing in that sense.

I would like to offer some constructive ways of helping this web site but all suggestions have suddenly eluded me.

I considered this a ‘group log’ because the forum does make up most of the content here and is written by many different people. The rating I gave was a 2.5. After glaring at the key for ratings, I realized that 2.5 was fitting for this site:

2.5 – Just slightly below average. Maybe there’s a glaring flaw in the design or broken links. Maybe it is the writing style. Smack N’!

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