Review 862

A nice bright blue caught my eye first, and then the silloete, and I wondered if it was Topknot or not! A lighter blue broke up the vivid blu and white background, with nice, easy and large font to read. I expected a personal blog with personal insite into the Topknot way of life.

I loved the humour in this blog as it was dry but funny! I actually laughed out aloud at the story of his dads computer dying! This was very written and appealed to my sense of humour. It is the story of this mans life with pictures thrown in for good measure. There is a comment system to add you feelings and time stamp as to when the post was updated, which I liked. The links are to external sites and some of them are bizarre, such as the sports post which leads you to a cheese racing link!!

The design is nice with the added feature of letting you see what others have commented. The links are selective, but cover other blogs and links to places of interests to the author. The site also boasts translations into other languages, so this can and does appeal to all nationalities. this made this weblog stick out as I have not previously seen that before. I felt that thesefeatures were a plus to the weblog, though I was distracted by the translator service!!!

If you like to have a titter at anothers persons life, then take a visit here. It is humourous and well written. The links take you to some strange places, but they are equally as intersting! this gets a big thumbs up from me, and I will certainly visit here again, but that is just me!

TopKnot’s Scratchpad

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