Review 776

This site really threw me for a loop as soon as the weblog page loaded. It’s a table set up in three columns, each of which are part of the weblog. And because of that, it’s a bit hard on the eyes.

Each date has a several URLs (set up much like a meme), a journal entry of sorts, and things in the third column ranging from Japan info, or “what happened on this date” tidbits.

The URLs were quite intriguing, and were things I, too, felt were link-worthy. The rest of the site, though, lacked the personal content quantity I thought it needed.

The quality of personal content was outstanding. I really wish the author would slip in some more witty or rhetorical quips of his own. I eventually found myself scouring through the archives just to find a small post he’d made himself.

Mr. Pants seems like an entertaining guy that could very easily draw people back to his site, if he’d just post his personal views more often. misterpants

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