Review 860

What a site. “Rob the cynics” is a huge site – lots of links to all sorts of different things Vicky has written about or is interested in.

The layout is… unique. Personally, I’m not a big fan of frames or pop up windows, and this site uses both. There are places where the frames could be adjust slightly in order to allow viewers to see an entire list of links, rather than just hoping the viewer will know on their own to scroll down. But this is The Weblog Review, not The Site Design Review.

The weblog content focuses basically the daily life of Vicky, a high school student from Canada. Sometimes it’s interesting to the average reader, but I’m taking a guess by saying it’s probably even more interesting to people in the high school age range.

Vicky’s got her weblog archived back until Dec 2001, and the posts are mainly all about the same things – the average day to day high school life.

The site is very extensive – lots of links about Vicky, some links she finds fun, and enough other links to keep a reader busy for quite some time.

I’d definitely check this site out at least once. Chances are if you like one post, you’ll like them all. rob the cynics

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