Review 754

Techno-bloggery at it’s finest, Katherine’s Blog is chock full of tech industry and trade links, personal tidbits, and scads of references to subjects which may be well over most readers’ heads. What isn’t interesting in this weblog certainly is confusing, but there is something enjoyable about a weblog which can confound its readers.

Katherine’s Blog, also known as the Thin Film Manufacturing weblog, is laid out in a strictly utilitarian format. There is nothing pretty about this weblog, it is a simple and straightforward canvas for the author’s short entries. Colors and font face and size are easy on the eyes and the site views equally well in MSIE and NS. Links are in working order and the weblog is archived. The author uses the BlogBack commenting system which, when down, causes multiple script errors.

The author’s entries are typically brief and often contain links to scientific articles and sites. Readers interested in the best of Semiconductor International will assuredly appreciate Katherine’s Blog, for the author makes many references to features at this external site. Needless to add, Katherine’s Blog does not make for light reading and, despite the occasional personal entry, this blog does not appear to be aiming for widespread appeal.

Readers who desire a witty personal weblog will hardly find this site of interest; but, those who have an interest in technology and posses a scientific mindset will find many useful links at Katherine’s Blog.

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