Review 662

It’s a common tradition to have soup when you’re sick and have a cold or just are home being lazy on a cold day. There are a ton of different kinds of soup from the classic chicken noodle to vegetable to beef stew to pea soup. “The Joy of Soup” is a weblog dedicated to soup and everything associated with it. The Soup Lady runs the site and since the site is fairly new, it looks like it will be a tasty site.

The site’s layout is your basic Blogger template which is okay. But go beyond that, her site’s pretty informative. She posts about soup in the news, like a little story about Campbell’s soup now being offered at McDonald’s. There’s something you don’t hear about everyday. But it makes me wonder if there will be a lawsuit about someone getting soup and spilling it on themselves and claiming the soup was too hot?

You’ll also find recipes for soups, I mean how can you not have a soup site that doesn’t have recipes? So far she has baked potato, cabbage and a few others. I noticed she also posted a reader’s recipe for sauerkraut soup. When I began reading the ingredients for some of the different soups, it got me all hungry for a nice, hot bowl of soup.

She also discussed some different cooking books which she has and what she liked about them. And as strange as I found it since I don’t regularly cook or even open a cookbook, I found this amusing when she was discussing one book she had,

“Aside from the intriguing recipes, the amount of information contained in the book is astonishing. The stench of junior high Home Ecomonics [sic] hangs heavy here as the difference between a hot oven and a quick oven is explained.”

I have no idea what the difference if between a hot and a quick oven.

She later notes there are chapters which discuss specifically carving and pickling. How many pages can you go on about just pickling??

The site also includes some handy links to refer to if you want to know more about soups and other types of food and recipes.

I liked this site not only because it’s helpful to those who like cooking but of course to those who LIKE TO EAT! There are definitely some useful sites and information which anyone who enjoys cooking would like. Plus it’s just plain interesting. This site will definitely get you craving for a bowl of hot soup of whatever flavor your little heart desires. I’m quite tempted now to go into the kitchen and make my myself some soup!

Soup, I must say is a very underrated food.The Joy of Soup