Review 751

Upon first visiting this site, I really liked the design. There’s a white background with grayish text, and blue links and headings. The writing is on the left, and the links are on the right.

Unfortunately, there is very little writing here to review. With only 7 days worth of posts, it was tough to really form an opinion. There are a couple of days where it just has some links to news sites, and the other days the main author actually writes about his life and thoughts on things. The combination of his writings and his news clips would make for a quality site if there were just some more content. There are a few references to older material, which leads me to believe that there is lots of earlier content, but there is nowhere on the site that I could actually find any of it.

This does appear to be a group log, and to their credit, each person posts original things that aren’t inside jokes or discussions with the other people. The only commonality in their posts is their strange obsession with Sun Chips.


Downsides: There is no “about me” section for any of the writers. This is one thing that I deem to be important on any site, especially a group log. The archives only go back to December 2nd, and it appears, from some of the entries, that there should be a lot more.

Upsides: What writing does appear, is quite entertaining. Whether he’s discussing his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, or providing links to other Sun Chips fetishists, he makes it interesting. The design is simple, and it’s easy on the eyes. I would definitely be giving this site a higher rating if it’d had more content.

Upon recieving email from the author today, we are not sure if the site was just not working yesterday or what, but today i was able to find the rest of his archives. Upon reading deeper into the archives, I found that I wasn’t suprised at all. I found the witty, and funny stuff that I expected was out there, but I couldn’t find when I was doing my initial review.