Review 689

“Sunny Side Up” is the name of this weblog, and it’s a title that describes the content very accurately.

Sunny Side Up is a journal style weblog that postively oozes a kind of cheerful optimism. The design, for example – a simple and spacious layout, some simple CSS, nice photos, and warm welcoming golden hues. I like.

Then there’s the writing! It’s full of exclamation marks! Yay me! etc. It fails to be scintillating, and it doesn’t grab me yelling “COME BACK FOR MORE, SOON!” but it feels like she puts a lot of effort in. Linkage is sparse but generally worth checking out.

There’s not much else on the site, a guestbook, an about me page and that’s about it.

Sunny Side Up, then. Generic, perhaps, but if you are suffocating under all the post-pseudo-neo-ironic sarcasm in your life or have the winter blues, check it out. It put a smile on my face. (And you’ve got to hand it to her. She knows her Survivor.)sunny side up