Review 747

For something slow-loading which isn’t even a weblog, Bin Chen’s Photography site is somewhat worth the wait and well worth a long look.

The site author/photographer has uploaded a horizontally scrolling selection of his photography and invites viewers to leave comments about the photos. While the comments cannot be viewed by visitors, some of the photos are truly worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, the photos do take an extremely long time to load. Thumbnails linked to larger images are definitely in order here, as many viewers will be turned off by the wait time.

Bin Chen’s Photography is best viewed in MSIE, as NS tends to stack the images instead of presenting them horizontally. All links do work, but the only links presented lead to even more photos. This site may strike some viewers as a “silent weblog” and this, in itself, is not a bad thing. It is, however, fairly impossible to issue a score greater than 1.0 to Bin Chen’s Photography precisely because it is not a true weblog.

If one has time to spare and enjoys photography, do take the hour or so that it requires to explore Bin Chen’s Photography. But, be warned, there is nothing here to read.

Bin Chen’s Photography