Review 746

Although the author of this site freely admits that she doesn’t know a thing about HTML, this site is well put together and easy to work around. A dark blue background compliments the white text on the left and the light blue links on the right.

This girl’s writing is overall quite interesting. I didn’t find myself giggling a whole lot while reading, but I don’t think that’s her intent. What I do believe she intends to do is just simply to tell you about her life, and that she does very well. Unlike a lot of sites I’ve been to, she manages to tell you about her everyday life and her friends and do it in a way that keeps you interested in what she’s writing.

The “downsides” list for this site is a brief one. There was no Bio info that i could find. Her archives only go back to April, and I got the feeling that I started right in the middle. Lastly, she can at times over use the phrase “heh”.

The “upsides” list is much larger, but I’ll only list a few. The “Usual Suspects” link is great, and really a must click before reading the site as it outlines who all of the characters are that she writes about. There are lots of great links on the side, and they range from other weblogs, to Finally, she updates this site a lot. Not only does she write almost everyday, but for the most part she writes a lot each day.

Overall, I think this site has some excellent writing, and some great potential. If her friend and her “boy” ever manage to teach her HTML, this could turn into one of the best weblogs out there.

Every Little Thing I Do Is Magic