Review 672

A Blogger template again, a lot of links and a lot of small posts about the Attack on America.

I didn’t like this blog. I found the posts to be depressing and news like. The writer ads a lot of links throughout her posts and refers to the newspaper a fair lot. Her profile section was started in August and yet she still hasn’t added anything to it. I wonder why it is called LCH as there is no mention of this on at the weblog and it isn’t really a very exciting heading.

As I said before, it is a basic template from Blogger with a few links to other weblogs and a variety of other sites. It includes a poll on the attacks. I guess in someway I feel I have heard enough about the attacks. I don’t believe every post has to focus around them. It just makes life more depressing and loses the interest of your readers. The best post in LCH is the latest post where the writer Val, talks about her fear of being invisible. Here we actually get to see her emotions unlike some of the news type posts.

I think this weblog needs a lot of work, mostly on the writing. Also, it would be good if the profile was up and running for starters.