Review 741

This is yet another wonderful news/links site. Upon entering the site, I was immediately reminded of a site that I had designed a long time ago. Actually I think it was just the background that made me remember that site, but it still was very similar.

The design of this site is very easy to navigate. Everything is where you would expect it to be. The colors work very well for the site, which is always a plus. Another plus is the fact that you can choose what theme you would like the design of the site to be in. If you don’t like the default, you can easily switch to something else.

The news/links are divided up into different categories, though by clicking on the news link on the left, you get the most recent news only. A lot of the news is fairly funny, and not really news, though there are some good old news posts. The basic idea, I think, of this site is to find some of the strangest news out there and post it.

This is another site that has the potential to become a really big site. Though unlike the other news sites that are out there, people will flock here for a good laugh.