Review 740

Random Walks is comparable to sites like MetaFilter. There are a bunch of people posting and users able to comment on posts. The major difference is that anyone can comment on their posts unlike MetaFilter.

The links are posted about whatever the author wants to post about. Like other similar sites, this is a good source for general news and some rather interesting links.

One thing I really liked about Random Walks was the other sections of the site. My personal favorite was the Xspot, a section devoted to Mac OS X. It is the same as the main page, only news about OS X.

There are two things that Random Walks is missing in my opinion. Archived news, I couldn’t find an archive section which was kind of annoying. What if I missed a couple days of reading the news because I took the weekend off? It needs archives. Also the ability to link to each post would be useful in this type of environment.

I think both of these problems could be solved if the creator of the site decided to use a more powerful blogging tool than Blogger or a custom built blogging tool. Not to say that Blogger is bad, but it doesn’t have the features built in that a site like this really could use.

Overall I see Random Walks being a site of extreme popularity down the road. Given some time to grow, it will be a really good news site.