Review 732

Tarred and Feathered is not what I expected it to be. I expected it to be a rather funny and witty site, though all I found was a stereotypical blog by a teen female.

Upon reading the site I was trying to figure out who exactly Hanna is. I figured that she was in high school, but what year? With no about section apparent, I just had to read on to guess. As I am reading each post, I am getting more and more frustrated that there isn’t an about section. I really want to know where this person is coming from, yet I am not sure. Is she one of the popular crowd at school is she the science geek type? I don’t know.

So I am all finished reading the first page of her blog and that was it. I know there are archives somewhere as the first entry on the page doesn’t read like it was the first post. But again, there isn’t a link to the archives. Archives are very important I believe in letting the readers know more about the weblog. With out them, some jokes are not funny; some mentions of things don’t make sense. Archives are very important.

The design of this site is very basic, red background, white background for the main text area and black text. There is nothing fancy here, and from the other design parts, I wasn’t expecting it to be anything out of the norm.

I think the author of the site needs to add an about section and link her archives as soon as possible. The design could be improved, but it is not needed to do improve the blog itself.

Tarred + Feathered