Review 651

I wasn’t too sure what I was going to expect to read about when I got to Limited Inc. Was it going to be about the clothing retailer? No. It wasn’t.

I found when reading Limited Inc that it is about the daily life of Roger. Yeah, yeah, you are probably saying so its like every other weblog out there right? No it isn’t. Roger is hands down one of the best writers that I have encountered while doing reviews for the site. He is very good at writing, and basically flaunts it with out really trying to.

The design is just a standard blog template with nothing to fancy changed. He doesn’t have an about me section, so I cheated. Most people when they start off writing a weblog; they talk about themselves quite a bit in the first posts. So I went to the beginning of the weblog’s existence and found out all I wanted to know about him.

However, something strange happened. I got hooked on the writing. I couldn’t stop reading. It was very good stuff. I guess that is the problem with most weblogs though; you read them from today to yesterday. Someone should create some code so that you read from yesterday to today if you are just starting off reading. So go all the way to the start and read from there, as you will enjoy it more.

Overall the site is really good. It is clean, crisp and very well written. It is just missing that little something extra to give it the 5.0, but trust me, it is really close to it.

Limited Inc

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