Review 831

A bright and appealing site, Just Me is more than Anime and rates fair among teen weblogs. While the author does tend to ramble and, as of late, displays a predilection for on-line test results, quite a few of the entries at Just Me are truly interesting.

Just Me’s author, a 19 year old female, seems to have a diverse background and heritage, both of which make for a unique perspective of current events and daily life issues. The author’s posts range from substantial to overly drawn out in length and most (with the exception of the on-line test result posts) are surprisingly entertaining. Unfortunately, the author’s posts are rife with slang, misspellings, and grammatical errors which will remind the reader of a very young teen’s weblog. If one is able to move past the poor composition, there are a few enjoyable insights to be read here. It is heartily recommended that Just Me’s author consider a more formal, but not stuffy, manner of writing. Proper spelling and a more dignified use of English grammar will ensure easier reading and better flow and, as a result, will attract more readers.

The dual frame layout of Just Me is impressive, bold, and fun. The Anime graphic to the right is sliced for fast loading and the tonal links highlight nicely on hover. The weblog entries and other site content are kept to the left and the content frame can be scrolled. Just Me views best in MSIE, where the annoying GeoCities pop-ups which appear in both frames can be killed with a single click. NS tends to layer the pop-ups which, in turn, also layers the site’s frames. A few tweaks in Just Me’s code may make this site more cross-browser friendly and is highly recommended.

Just Me will appeal mainly to young female teens, but the author does have some talent which promises a wider audience appeal if certain changes are made to the weblog and her style of writing. These changes will certainly come as the author matures and Just Me may just be weblog worth taking another look at in the future.

Just me =)