Review 57

I really like weblogs where you can see their history and development, and has definitely come a long way since its debut in September 2000. From a sparse white page full of posts on the frustrations of starting a new blog, it is now a fuller, more rewarding weblog, with more links, short, to-the-point posts and digital photography.

The weblog seems less personal recently than it is in some of the older archived posts, but some posts would still be of more interest to those who know the author. There are still enough posts linking to interesting sites, expressing [sometimes controversial] opinions, or giving an interesting view on the world to make this worth a look.

The colour scheme of didn’t work for me. I found it too dark. However, there are nice extras to the site that caught my attention. I liked having the comments displayed under each post, rather than in a pop-up box, and I also enjoyed the short reviews accompanying each item on the ‘inputing’ list of books and films/movies. I couldn’t find an ‘about’ section but you can find out everything that you need to know about the author from reading through the archives.

Whilst this site didn’t absorb me completely, I did find it enjoyable and the shorter posts meant it was easy to scan for something that interested me. Even if you don’t know the author, is worth visiting to watch the debates unfold via the comments after a controversial post, to read the recent reviews or to take a look at the photography.

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