Review 57

The first thing I keep looking for (often in vain it seems) is a context for the blog I’m about to review. Why do I care what you have to say? Tell me about yourself so I can relate to what you have to say. Even a few simple lines to contextualize your blog for the reader IMHO is essential. Please add an ‘about’ page! (I’m a skipping record on this issue aren’t I? Bah…)

Ruzz’s let it all hang out philosophy on blogging:
“I see blogging, inter-blog discussion, comments, debates and the like as an organic entity which is uncontrolled. I don’t trim my bonsai bush I let it grow how it grows. My focus, my concern, is not on the resulting controlled perfection, man over his elements, type beauty. Rather, my blog is a seedy bar where every night someone gets shot, gets stabbed, falls in love, finds out their wife is their cousin and so on.” .

I felt had a decent layout. The photos along the left column were different and interesting, as was the background image. Ruzz updates the blog many times a day, often with short little observations and additions. What seems a little different about this site is comments to form the main content of the blog (with Ruzz’s comments as well…). So, basically anyone can contribute (and is encouraged to contribute) to
“See. I trade you writing for writing. I write, you write. This is the system we have going here dear readers. Nothing is more annoying than pounding out 1300 words, most of which are blatant lies, only to end up with one comment. If I simply posted “Hello” I suspect my comment script would break from the frenzied replies. Nothing more annoying.. well, actually there is: Heartburn. ” It leads to a far bit of discussion by the regular readers of For the most part, I didn’t enjoy, the soap-opera like banter of his *regular* posters, but you may.

Ruzz has a lot of pointless entries in his blog which he is happy to admit, “I have no real content right now.“. But there are also many great entries where he makes some honest observations about life:
“If I treated my daughter the way some people who claim to love me treated me I couldn’t live for the shame. Love is not a condition. It’s not a mood. It’s not something you pretend to award when you are lonely and want to be around somebody. It’s something real and tangible. But it can end. It is not infinite. That Disney-esqe idea has ruined more than one person I know. But if its there, when its there, you just don’t offer and retract it based on the level with which you can tolerate your life or yourself. It simply does not work like that. That isn’t love. That’s using a person in the worst way. For those of you who do this, in your defense, the people who lap that shit up and keep taking it, like an abused house wife -beaten then rewarded- deserve what they get. I deserve what ever I allow another human being to put on me. In fact, the entire purpose of the relationship would seem to be nothing more than a construct in which to act out the parts and serve each other’s unhealthy needs. So don’t go pitying the housewife and hating the husband. They are together because one of them has the ability to be cruel and one needs the cruelty to validate their own worthlessness.

There is tons of content in the archives. One month of entries on would equal a year’s worth of entries on many other blogs. If you buy into this idea, of having to contribute (and not just passively read a blog) this site will certainly appeal to you. An interesting concept. Check out and see if it motivates you to write. Ruzz gets the last words: “The highest highs and the lowest lows. The sweet and the sour. This is life. enjoy every fucking minute of it people.”

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