Review 409

If it were all about character, Naked Blog would certainly be in the running for a choice award. In fact, the creator of Naked Blog infuses so much of his own personality into each entry that the reader is pulled into the author’s daily life and, summarily, overwhelmed by it. Not that this is a bad thing, so long as one doesn’t find the life of a 50-something gay Brit offensive. In fact, if one is willing to move beyond the seemingly farcical exploits, there is politcal satire and pensive thought to be found aplenty at Naked Blog. The author’s entries are almost always rife with dry wit; and, factual commentary is often interspersed with keen personal observation. The added dash of timely, related photos and links enhances the entries nicely. The author’s grammar is clean, and a well-maintained tone throughout all entries makes for a read which flows and generally pleases.

While the author’s style of writing is commendable, the overall layout of Naked Blog would do well with some improvement. The layout is utilitarian, at best. It is neither hard on the eyes, nor completely unattractive in arrangement. While navigation is blessedly simple, it is almost too simple to provoke further exploration into the rest of the author’s site. (To note, the rest of the author’s site does not do justice to the wit and obvious writing talent displayed at Naked Blog.) Also, a comment function would most likely be welcomed by regular readers.

Naked Blog seems to be a fairly recent endeavor for its creator, but it shows abundant promise. One may hope that as the author’s knowledge of site design improves, the writing will remain constant. Character and content, combined with a more sophisticated layout, will ensure Naked Blog’s future popularity among readers.

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