Review 405

The October 1 entry at The Big Red Dot reads, “egh. this blog is dyinggggg.

11 bloggers and ONE post per day? how sad.” In truth, The Big Red Dot is not dying for it has never been “alive” and, certainly, it has never been a weblog. It is, instead, a compendium of misspelled one-liners exchanged between group members, all of whom appear to be in their early teens. There is absolutely nothing here for the average reader to consume. A check into the archives of The Big Red Dot reveals that this blog has never been anything other, or more, than what it currently is. What the archives did not reveal was the original purpose of The Big Red Dot. It is highly possible that the creator(s) had hoped to put together a forum in which they could share personal experiences with each other and with the reader. Indeed, it does appear as if the contributors are sharing something with each other, but the reader is not privy to the basis of their comments and, therefore, the vague posts are lost upon the audience.

Obviously, someone had taken the time to design The Big Red Dot’s layout. While not especially attractive, the layout does show some technical ability and it is functional. It appears that the primary contributor and creator of The Big Red Dot is Sarah, of definitely yields a much better weblog than The Big Red Dot though it, too, is given to various misspellings, poor grammar, and childish vernacular.

The kindest thing that the creator(s) of The Big Red Dot can do for their weblog, as well as for their prospective readers, is dismantle the current blog and begin anew with a fresh focus and a handful of contributors who are committed to posting quality content on a more regular basis. Without this complete overhaul, The Big Red Dot will never figure as a weblog of substance.

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