Review 391


Lately I have seen many black and white layouts, this is not necessarily a bad thing, however the text does get lost in the picture. I would suggest perhaps changing the colour of the text from white to a colour, which would stand out a little more.

The writing was small and fairly hard to read, also I found I was unable to adjust this on my browser, perhaps something to look into.

Each different part of the site had a varied layout, perhaps a little more continuity needed to draw them all together.


I noticed entries were fairly short (a paragraph at most) but they were regular.

They focus on events that have happened or are soon to happen in the author’s life, and ones that I presume are important to her.

The point of each post is unclear, they lack direction and any real content, it appears to me that the “blog” is used to jot down various things, not very interesting to read.


Other than the blog, there was a lyrics page, a pictures page and a small page, which explained the site name (soliloquy) and provided a few links to pages of a similar nature.


After reading and viewing all or most content, I still felt as if I knew little about the author.

I didn’t particularly like this blog; I felt it lacked something to keep the reader reading.

I hope the author takes my criticism in a constructive way, and uses it to improve her blog.

The Inner Light