Review 360

The regression of a personal weblog is not a pretty thing. Amy Richard’s TartWeb proves this point in many respects. First and foremost, the author’s older posts demonstrate that she does, indeed, have the ability to write fairly entertaining narrative. However, her most recent posts are banal and the reader is left to wonder if he or she is reading a teen weblog or that of a twenty-something college educated professional. The decline of Ms. Richard’s content is further evidenced by her choice of links. In earlier posts, links were semingly chosen to enhance content. In more recent posts, the links are the content. Fortunately, the current links usually direct readers to other weblogs. What one cannot find at TartWeb may be found elsewhere; this, too, marks a regression in Ms. Richardson’s weblog.

TartWeb does sport a simple, clean layout with working links. And, the author shows fair command of grammar, spelling, tense, and style. However, none of these components will save TartWeb from what appears to be a downward slide. Only a conscious improvement in the quality of the author’s posts can redeem this weblog.

Tart Web

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