Review 357

Messy Chestnut’s slick layout is courtesy of a website design firm and it’s content is courtesy of a professional photographer with a side interest in creative writing. Sam Lawrence doesn’t use his blog to promote his photography, despite the fact that his weblog is an integral part of his studio site. He does use his blog as “a place … to free associate.” In other words, the author rambles. Fortunately for the reader, Mr. Lawrence rambles coherently and enjoyably.

The author seems to take delight in everyday events, especially those related to his children; however, he is at his best when he dreamily recalls scenes from the past and sharpens his lens upon details which he may have missed during the actual event. These literary flashbacks draw the casual reader into Mr. Lawrence’s life and compel one to read on. Mr. Lawrence displays a true talent for creative writing and his writing is highly focused despite its free associative nature. Grammar, spelling, tense, and tone are clean and tight, with few errors typographical or otherwise.

Messy Chesnut will appeal mainly to sophisticated adult readers, chiefly those with families of their own. Yet, this weblog is suitable for casual perusal by readers from any age group 16 and older and by readers from all walks of life. Mr. Lawrence’s weblog is much like his art photography: One will walk away from it with a definite personal perspective. Whether that perspective will be good, bad, or indifferent is dependent entirely upon the reader.