Review 354

Tasteless. Trite. Juvenile. Caustic. Jejune. Asinine. The authors at seem to be striving toward the aforementioned adjectives at an alarming speed. The weblog’s primary contributor, identified only as LlamaSex, has chosen a most interesting format in which to entertain and, perhaps, educate his (or her?) readers: Slapshot commentary, associated links, and cartoons. The three, combined with a layout redolent of early porn bulletin boards and the addition of an “Exploited Girl of the Day” gallery, makes for a weblog primarily of interest to twenty-something underachieving males.

Drunkenlosers, despite the bulk choice of its content, is surprisingly literate and not entirely without merit. The authors do pull serious news snippets into their posts and they are not without the faculties for evaluating the impact of current events. However, the site is rife with Beavis and Butthead-like sexual innuendos which do not enhance the more intellectually interesting aspects of the site’s content. Many readers may feel that a definite “clean up” is in order for Drunkenlosers; but, one is also forced to wonder whether or not the National Lampoon type of atmosphere is intentional. (There is, after all, something to be said for any site which provokes a strong reaction, be the reaction negative or positive.)

Succinctly, IS tasteless, trite, asinine, and the like. It is not, however, a waste for those readers who enjoy weblogs with short bursts of timely humor and shoddy photos of naked women.Drunkenlosers