Review 352

If one is in the market for a plethora of anti-Usama bin Laden links, ImOvaHereNow is a good starting point. ImOvaHereNow also makes for a nice launching pad into the arena of stupid Internet tricks and visual ‘net humor. Unfortunately, it offers little else in the way of content and the sophomoric humor begins to wear thin after the first few posts.

ImOvaHereNow is not an especially sophisticated site, as is evident not only by its content, but also by its layout. It is, however, fairly easy to navigate and it views equally well in NS 6 and MSIE 5+. Upon loading the page in MSIE, the reader is greeted with a .wav of a child saying something to the effect of “I’m over here now, sat down.” After browsing through several pages of the site and being continually greeted with the same .wav, one is inclined to turn his or her sound off. As with the author’s content, the .wav file begins to irritate rather quickly; also, it detracts from the overall site.

As a humor site, ImOvaHereNow fulfills its obligation to the reader by providing an assortment of links to current events related juvenile humor. However, this site offers little to no original content and will prove tedious for readers who prefer personal perspectives.ImOvaHereNow