Review 345

There is no doubt that in character has character, that of a 15 year old ambitious high school student. This weblog makes no pretense to be anything but a personal diary of sorts; and the author can best be defined by her choice of personal links and the content of her entries.

In character is one of the few blogs that actually views better in Netscape (reviewer uses NS 6) than MSIE 5+. It is not known if this is intentional on the part of the author; and, would-be readers should note that viewing with anything other than NS 6 can be frustrating. The content area is cramped, and although the author does provide side scroll bars within the frames, the frames themselves are not resizable. The font used is quite small and can make reading the author’s entries difficult. It seems fairly obvious that this is an experimental site for the author, one where the layout may change and, perhaps, evolve rapidly. Recommended site improvements include an enlarged content area, larger font, and an absence of frames.

In character’s content will certainly appeal to other teens, in that the author often writes of school, friends, and creative projects. The author is also quite intelligent and she is given to moral and philosophical thought on various topics ranging from poverty to terrorist activity. Unfortunately, the author does not update regularly and the lack of posts may leave the reader unsatisfied with his or her visit. To note, the author is also literate and her grammar is fairly clean despite the overuse of ellipses (i.e. …).

Potential readers of in character must be willing to give the author time to develop her own, well-defined style and voice on the ‘net. If the author maintains the site and determines to post on a more regular basis, it is wholly possible that in character will evolve into a highly entertaining, creative, and informative weblog. Finding one’s own niche on the ‘net can be a lengthly journey of sorts and it seems that the author of in character is well on her way to establishing her own vision and voice.

in character