Review 3413

I wish there was a hybrid category for this site. It is a personal site as well as kind of a computer site. I guess that makes it a multiverse.

Shadowmyth writes from Seattle, WA, but it appears she will not be there much longer. Looks like she’s southbound to Portland Oregon. I started with her June 2007 archives. The bottom of the page says there are 15 pages of archives, but the first two pages are the only ones with content. The other pages (using and beyond) appear to be portally content through lockergnome. So I apologize if I miss any relevant entries.

The content of the blog is really random… In the month of June, we move from Firefox Extensions to Insomnia help to our author leaving home at 15 to find The Meaning of Life, to Open Source and Fashion, to tips on how to be a real friend, and a really fun sounding apple to oranges practical joke.

I like this kind of blog — the one where the author just writes what is on his or her mind… almost like magazine articles. Sitting down and reading at any point, you’re not sure what to expect. Some of the content reads like a pay-per-blog (ie: the one on bone and joint problems, the insomnia help entry, and some others) but there is no demarcation on the site stating she has been paid to write this entry, so, it could just be that random.

My favorite Shadowmyth entries are the very personal ones, like all the creeps who hit on her when she’s dancing, the how to be a friend lesson, how she has no morals, what she thinks of her kids’ experience in the public schools, and glimpses into her past. “Life has branded me with a wandering soul,” she writes. And it seems that for the past several years she has wandered, adventured, seen, existed, and now has settled down to writing about it and the tools she uses to interface with the rest of the sphere in this stage of her multiverse.

I found the writing to be really interesting but didn’t like the navigation of the archives. Overall the look and feel to the site is incredibly simple. The main pages are a gradient purple with two column layout, and clicking on an entry title opens it up in a paler blue setting. It would be nice to walk through the entries in a link to “next” or “previous” fashion, but for the most part getting back to the main page is easy.

I give this blog a 3.75 rating and change the category to personal. There is more content, and far BETTER content, within the pages that is personal instead of the computer category. And I wish her luck with her move and in her new city.NULL