Review 3343

My first thought for News2020 was that this was going to be a recap type blog for the show 20/20. Then I smartened up a bit and realized that would be a bad blog idea and thought the owner probably has a better idea than a 20/20 recap.

After reading through the most recent month’s posts I wasn’t quiet sure what it was I was reading. Sure the posts were enjoyable, but I didn’t quiet know what the blog was about. Easiest way to solve that problem is to go all the way back and read the first post.

Sure enough, smart blogger. The idea for the blog is a discussion of how news will be presented in the year 2020. We all know that the presentation of the news has evolved, and is evolving more so each day. Back when I first got online it was rare to find a news posting. Now I can go to any number of websites and either read up on the news or in some cases watch video. No question that the medium used to deliver the news is changing.

The design of the site is a standard 2 column layout. I could be mistaken, but I am sure that this is just a modified design of a typepad template. Either way it works for the site. The posts are presented in an easy to read format and are enjoyable.

My one gripe I have with this site is that it is supposed to be a discussion. However most posts have 1 maybe 2 comments. I am sure that a site that encourages discussion could continue with presentations of ideas that were expanded upon within the comments. I have seen other blogs do this continuation when one of their posts became so popular within the comments.

Overall this is a very good site to read. The ideas presented are done well and I enjoyed reading them. As I said I would like to see a more encouraged comment section, but that is something that can be developed. If you want a good read, then News2020 is for you.NULL

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